The design must act as a responsible entity allowing us to see the world differently, equitably, reasonably, and suitable for everyone.




Who am I?

I am an Industrial Designer specializing in product design and development from the National University of Colombia and a master's in Design for Health from OCAD University, Toronto, Canada. I have 30 years of experience in product design and development through co-design methodologies, user-centred design, consumer scenarios and product development, and Consumer Experience. I am also a researcher in semiotics, communication and product language. My work has recently focused on product design, experience, service systems and Social Design. I have worked as a university professor in Industrial Design since 1996. In addition, I have been an international lecturer in semiotics for industrial design and product development in Colombia, Italy, Mexico, Argentina, Portugal and Turkey.

I believe that design is a way of life, a way of inhabiting the world and staying. I don't think of design as cheap merchandise or transaction. Instead, I imagine the act of designing as something sensible that should promote well-being, tranquillity, and opportunities to achieve a better life for all.

Today more than ever you have to live The Design.